A third party arrives

Making it to the digital distribution fray is Ubisoft’s Uplay, released in 2012 to make Ubisoft games more appealing to players. Like its competitors, Steam and Origin, the platform allows downloading of games through the internet as well as providing social networking and multiplayer options to its users. The platform originally required a constant internet connection for games that used Uplay, as in games are not playable if not connected. This feature received heavy criticism from all corners, prompting Ubisoft to cease the requirement.

Available Uplay keys, like with Origin, does not compare yet to that of Steam’s (which currently stands at thousands). Although Uplay also offers games developed by third-party developers, they do not rely on the platform itself. Uplay keys are similar to Steam keys and Origin keys in regard to usage. Using bought Uplay keys allows players to have access and download to the selected game, Uplay keys are just mostly used for Ubisoft-exclusive games.

Loyalty goes a long way

Since Uplay mainly offers Uplay keys to Ubisoft’s games, there is bound to be an advantage to it, right? Well, for players who are fans of Ubisoft’s games (Assassin’s Creed series, Far Cry 3 & 4); there are lots of rewards to be had! Although Uplay does provide its own achievements and trophy system similar to its competitors, it also has a points system that when earned enough, gives players game-related rewards! Not bad for sticking with Ubisoft through thick and thin, huh?

This points system is not exclusive to the specific games that they were earned at. Players can earn points from any Uplay-enabled game and then use them on another Uplay-enabled game! In this way, players don’t feel confined to just playing a single game just to earn points. They can freely switch between any Uplay-enabled games, providing they have Uplay keys for it, and use the rewards all in one game or distribute them evenly to their games. These points, as you would suspect, are earned by achieving milestones in the game much like the usual achievement system. Players earn a minimum of 5 points and maximum of 40, depending on the actions performed.

This system at least gives a reason for players to not just take a glance at Uplay, but utilize it as well to further enhance their gaming experience with Ubisoft’s games!

A growing platform

Uplay, similar to Origin, are still getting their feet in the water in the business, so comparing the two of them to Steam seems like an unfair fight. All three have advantages and disadvantages, with Uplay having the advantage when it comes to its exclusive rewards for players of Ubisoft’s games. And its disadvantage, as is with Origin, is its still small database of games available for Uplay keys download.

Players can expect Uplay to grow in the business since Ubisoft apparently has no plans of withdrawing from the field. So, better start reaping those points from Uplay-enabled games, you’ll never know when a big reward is going to pop up when you purchase the next game with your Uplay key!

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Anno 2070

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Anno 2205

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Far Cry 3

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Far Cry 4

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The Crew

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