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Anno 1404 (titled as Dawn of Discovery in the North American release) is a city-building, real-time strategy game from the Anno game series that is set in the 14th century, published by Ubisoft and released in 2009.

The core gameplay is essentially micromanagement, where you handle everything concerning your territory and its citizens. You will need to manage all the classes of citizens in order to make things run smoothly, each one affecting the other much like in real life.

To fully manage your city, you must procure resources for your citizen’s needs as well as for the construction of buildings. After all, you can’t expect to build structures and monuments without having the necessary resources to make them, just like any other real-time strategy game.

Being in the 14th century, one of your goals in the game is discovering and expanding your territory. You either expand your territory by doing the more humane way of talking things through or just get your ships ready for naval battle and lay waste to anything that stands between you and the new piece of territory.

Battles are not really a huge part of the game, since it requires the player to focus primarily in city-building and micromanagement. Anno 1404 or Dawn of Discovery also allows the player to sail the seas and look to trade goods with civilizations across the land. Some resources can only be acquired by trading, you don’t really expect every piece of resource is available in your lands, do you?

Trading also becomes easier when you set up automatic trade posts across the seas and ports, it’s more convenient that way. Overall, Anno 1404 is a game that will likely keep you busy for a long time with its addicting gameplay and the sheer number of things to do. Get a gamekey for Anno 1404 and start expanding your empire now!


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