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Anno 2070 is the fifth game in the Anno series, a game defined by its combination of city-building and real-time strategy gameplay. Unlike the previous games in the series, where the game world is set before 2000, this new installment in the series is set in the future, year 2070 as the game title would suggest.

The game world is set in a world where most of the cities have been engulfed by water due to global warming and are nothing but old relics under the sea. The remaining areas that survived the global warming are now the areas that you will need to explore and settle on.

The game world can be explored by using a boat home base called the Ark, which is customizable according to the player’s preferences. Although the game world as suffered a great calamity, it has also united the people. Gone are the individual governments, all of the remaining population are now governed by a single government. There are three groups or classes that govern the decisions in the world, and each group have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The setting and aesthetics of Anno 2070 may be different from its predecessors, but the core gameplay remains faithful to the series. The goal of the game is the same, where you will need to explore new places and expand your territory. You will still have your citizen’s needs to attend to, and the citizens from each group or class have different preferences.

Each group also has their own set of technologies that are only unique to them, distinguishing them from each other. The game also requires players to be mostly online, although you can still play while offline, to access all in-game options. Get a gamekey now for Anno 2070 and experience an Anno game that is vastly different from its predecessors when it comes to aesthetics but still keeps the addicting gameplay.

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