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Anno 2205 will be the sixth game in the city-building, real-time strategy game series, Anno, succeeding the much-acclaimed Anno 2070. The game is currently being developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte Mainz and will be released later this 2015 for the Microsoft Windows platform by its publisher, Ubisoft. The Anno video game series is defined by its core gameplay of establishing cities or settlements and micromanaging everything that goes with it, like gathering resources and taking care of the economy for the citizens to be satisfied. The players must also expand their territories either through peaceful methods or by blazing through everything that stands in the way. Another staple in the series is the trading aspect, where players trade with other settlements in order to gain more resources to further develop their own territories since some resources are only found in certain locations or places.

Anno 2205, unlike the earlier games in the series set in historical times, will have a setting that is in line with its direct predecessor (Anno 2070) and will be played out in a futuristic setting. However, different from Anno 2070 is that not only can players set up different cities on Earth, but they can also colonize the Moon and also set up cities on its surface! Yes, you read that correctly: the Moon. Of course, players don’t have the immediate luxury of being able to set up cities on the Moon at the beginning of the game. They must first spend their time developing their cities on Earth and establish research facilities that will ultimately allow them to fly to the Moon for colonization. Developing cities on the Moon will be different that on Earth (obviously) and there are also resources that can only be found on the Moon that are extremely valuable to further developing cities back on Earth. Anno 2205 will be a brand new experience for fans of the series, and getting a gamekey here at Game-Key-Fox should be your priority once the game is released!


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