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Succeeding the commercially and critically successful third game in the Far Cry series is Far Cry 4, also developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released for multiple platforms on November 18, 2014. With the success of Far Cry 3, the no-brainer move for the development studio was to create a sequel that continues the setting and story of the third game; however, they decided against the idea and opted for a new one. The decision to develop a sequel that is separate from its predecessor paid of in a big way for Ubisoft as Far Cry 4 also received almost the same amount of financial and critical success that the previous installment in the series enjoyed. Much praise was given to the beautiful game world (divided into two regions) and the colorfully vibrant graphics that perfectly captures the mostly forest and mountain setting of the game. For players who pre-ordered the game, they can opt to upgrade their purchase to a Far Cry 4 Limited Edition package for free. The Far Cry 4 Limited Edition gives players access to additional missions in the game and also to a new weapon called the Impaler Harpoon Gun.

The combat gameplay of Far Cry 4 is similar to its predecessor where the player can utilize both an assortment of weapons or melee attacks to take down enemies. Being in a forest or jungle-like setting, the player can also use the wildlife to their advantage when engaging enemies. They can throw animal bait to the enemies and watch as they helplessly get surrounded by the nearby wildlife attracted to the bait. Players also have the option to ride an elephant to battle. Yes, those grey gentle giants can be used as a tank-like killing machine to help the player in accomplishing missions and objectives. Far Cry 4 is another noteworthy action-adventure game that warrants getting a gamekey for, so don’t hesitate now and start comparing here at Game-Key-Fox for the Far Cry 4 Limited Edition!


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