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Racing games mostly bring the action in either pre-designed race tracks, both fictional and based on real tracks, or a large metropolis. Although these venues provide challenges of their own, they make the players feel like they are confined to a small and limited area. After all, players retreat to the adrenaline-pumping sport of car racing in order to feel free and let out some road rage. Thankfully, though, The Crew breaks away from the confining nature of race tracks and allows the player to roam an almost realistic recreation of the entire United States of America, excluding Alaska and Hawaii (“almost” because it is in a scaled-down version). Players can drive through the icy roads of northern cities, the colorful and vibrant streets of New Orleans, the bustling streets of the always fair-weathered Los Angeles, and many more! Of course, players are not just confined to urban places; they can also drive off-road if they want to! The Crew boasts stunningly beautiful graphics that perfectly captures the atmosphere of each location in the game.

Since The Crew requires a constant internet connection to be played, the players will be treated with the absence of loading screens, allowing for a very seamless gameplay. Even if the game does not have a single-player campaign like in almost all racing video games, the player can still play the game alone if they want to cut back on human interaction and socializing. Players can accomplish skills challenges scattered throughout the game’s massive open world, with their scores being automatically displayed for other players to beat. Don’t be dissuaded by the reviews of critics panning it for the constant internet requirement; the game has more than enough reasons for having such a requirement! Compare gamekeys for The Crew here at Game-Key-Fox now and drive your way across the United States!