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Tom Clancy’s The Division is another installment in the Tom Clancy video game brand currently being tackled by four developers. After several delays to the planned release date, the game has been confirmed to be finally released on March 2016 for multiple platforms by Ubisoft. The game will be a bit different from most games from the Tom Clancy brand, where the perspective will be from a third-person view instead of the usual first-person. Tom Clancy’s The Division will also incorporate some role-playing game and survival game elements, quite similar to The 3rd Birthday (from the Parasite Eve trilogy) for the PlayStation Portable, if you are familiar with it. Players will have the freedom to customize the look of their characters, including their ever-present backpacks, as well as the ability to develop the character’s equipment and skills through leveling. This combination of gameplay elements, coupled with its shooter genre, gives the game a different feel compared to most shooter games that relies mostly on the players’ skills or hand-eye coordination. Besides the standard single-player mode, the game will also feature a multiplayer mode that will allow players to connect with other gamers from around the world.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set in the United States where a virus has been released that causes the entire country to be rendered unstable economically and descends into chaos. Basic resources have been scarce as a result of the devastation, making the citizens grasping for survival. This is where the game’s protagonists come in. The Division, officially Strategic Homeland Division, has been summoned to investigate and get to the root of the crisis. The Division is made up of agents that have been hiding within the society, waiting for the summons of the President to handle matters that have gone out of hand. It is up to the player to uncover the mystery surrounding the virus outbreak, so be sure to get a Tom Clancy’s The Division gamekey here at Game-Key-Fox when it is released and uncover the truth!

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