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Imagine a world where everything can be controlled and processed through a smartphone. A world where a few simply presses from the device can give you full information about anyone around the vicinity, hack bank accounts while standing on a crowded pavement, control traffic lights just for fun, and even disable the power of an entire city. Sounds a bit too unrealistic and impossible in our current times, right? Well, fortunately, you don’t have to wait decades or maybe even a century to experience what it’s like to have such technological power with Watch Dogs standing by to give you a glimpse of such a world. Watch Dogs, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, is a 2014 single-player and multiplayer video game that has elements of the action-adventure, shooter, and stealth genres rolled into one open world package.

Watch Dogs follows the story of the main character Aiden Pearce, an exceptionally skilled hacker, as he goes on a path of vengeance for the sake of her accidentally-killed niece who was the poor victim of a planned hit that was intended for her hacker uncle. Watch Dogs has an array of linear missions for the player to accomplish in order to progress the storyline, but they are free to roam the game world, an alternate version of Chicago, from the onset and can travel anywhere either by foot or vehicles. There are numerous side-missions for the player to get into, which will reward them with upgrades for Aiden. The player’s main weapon is, of course, the handy smartphone which can be used for all sorts of things like hacking other people’s devices to steal money from their bank accounts, unlock in-game music and cars, and determine whether a crime will occur in a specific area. Watch Dogs is an overall creative game that capitalizes on the current trend of smartphones in the market today. Compare gamekeys for Watch Dogs here at Game-Key-Fox now!



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