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Video games can be generally divided into two simplified categories: the fast-paced (shooter, fighting, sports) and the slow-paced (role-playing, puzzle). The latter category can be summed up as games that are for the “brainy” types since they mainly involve a lot of reading, especially for role-playing games, and pondering. For most puzzle games, they are mainly designed to get players addicted to, well, solving puzzles, with little to no exploration aside from navigating in-game menus. And most puzzle games are confined to mobile or handheld platforms and are usually the go-to recreation when passing the time. Well, at least one game doesn’t fit in that description: The Witness. Yes, that’s a video game title and not some TV crime drama series. The Witness is an upcoming open world puzzle game currently being developed by Thekla, Inc. that will be initially released for the Microsoft Windows and Sony PlayStation 4 platforms, with an additional version for the iOS.

The Witness places the player in a beautiful and colorful open world 3D-rendered island that is littered with hundreds of puzzles ready for solving. The player, experiencing the game in first-person perspective, is only given a handful of instructions and clues in solving the puzzles. The Witness allows the player to freely roam the game world and tackle the puzzles whenever they want to. The game also does not require the player to finish all the puzzles in order to finish the game, which would be close to torture if otherwise since the game has more than 600 puzzles! The developer urges the players to explore the island and not get stuck on a single puzzle since players may actually come to timely realizations on how to solve a particular puzzle as they are strolling around the island! The Witness promises to keep players hooked for more than just a couple of hours with its mind-boggling puzzles; compare gamekeys for The Witness here at Game-Key-Fox now!


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