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Sports games hold the common distinction for being released for multiple platforms in order to reach a wide range of audiences, even if the platforms vary in hardware power. Because of this, players who do not really care about the difference in graphics choose the game for the system that holds more additional content or even offers exclusive content. Even a small difference in additional content can sway a buyer’s preferences, especially those who want to have all game content available to them. FIFA 15 is one of those games that offer varied content depending on the system. FIFA 15 is a game developed by EA Canada and released worldwide by EA Sports for multiple platforms, with the game best experienced on the Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4 systems due to their powerful engines. Despite the obvious differences in graphics across multiple platforms, it was generally well-received by fans and video game critics, proving that a sports game does not rely too heavily on graphics.

FIFA 15 for the Xbox One not only boasts amazing graphics, it also has content that are not available to other versions of the game except for its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The Xbox One version of FIFA 15 gives players access to additional legendary football players like Carlos Valderrama, Jay-Jay Okocha, Bobby Moore, Michael Laudrup, and Hristo Stoichkov. These additional legendary players give fans the chance to see their retired footballers once again take the field and try to reenact their crowning moments. Another exclusive content to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions is the special pack named Xbox Legends Shot Pack that features at least one gold card. If you are financially capable of buying FIFA 15 on whatever gaming platform you please, then grabbing the Xbox One version is the most complete and rewarding experience when it comes to game content. Compare gamekeys for FIFA 15 for the Xbox One here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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