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Video games, like everything in the entertainment industry, are subject to all criticisms and opinions of both fans and critics. Everything about a game is dissected, starting from the graphics, all the way to the game’s ending sequence. Everyone can have their opinions, of course, and video game developers either ignore those comments and just go about their business, or take it to heart and actually act on them for better or worse. Even the most critically and commercially successful games have their own haters and detractors, so it’s easy to imagine the developers rolling their eyeballs exasperatedly and think to themselves almost in resignation, “Why don’t you create your own game, then?”. And that is exactly what Project Spark is all about. Project Spark, published by Microsoft Studios for its owned platforms (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One), is a video game that allows players to create their own games to satisfy their perfectionist needs! The game mostly encourages multiplayer, but it still has a single-player option for those who just prefer to play with minimal human interaction.

Project Spark gives the players different tools to create their game. The player has the option to either start from scratch or edit a pre-designed template in the game. Whatever the case, players have free reign on creating the aspects of their game like animating models, designing items, and creating the environment down to the last piece of detail. To promote multiplayer, players can share the game world they have created with the gaming community, as well as experience the creations of other players, too. Step into a video game developer’s shoes and create a game that perfectly fits to your needs with Project Spark. Compare gamekeys for Project Spark here at Game-Key-Fox now and have fun creating a game that will be free from backlash!

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