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Have you ever wanted to pilot a robot or a mecha similar to the famous Gundams? Or are you fed up of simply using small guns in the battlefield in shooter games? Then throw away all your worries and stop dreaming, Titanfall is here to address those needs for you! Titanfall for the Xbox One is a multiplayer shooter game that was developed by Respawn Entertainment and carries a gameplay element to the shooter genre that has never been seen before. Titanfall brings ‘heavy’ artillery to a whole new level with its humongous mecha-like Titans providing aid to players in their shootouts! The inclusion of these giants bring shooter games to the next level, completely altering traditional strategies usually employed and forces players to draw new battle plans that incorporate the Titans.

Titanfall for the Xbox One gives players three different types of Titans that they can utilize during battle, with each type geared towards a specific strategy. The sad thing about the Titans is that they can’t be piloted from the onset of the game. Players will have to wait a specific amount of time (they can check a displayed timer) in order to have the authority to summon their Titans into battle. But once their big bad pal arrives, carnage will surely follow. They can utilize the Titans to directly engage enemies, control to act as a sentry, or even provide cover fire! To balance out the playing field, Titanfall also gives players access to weapons that are specifically tailored to take down Titans, giving foot soldiers the fighting chance and not be completely massacred. The graphics of Titanfall is also top-notch, giving players the perfect atmosphere to truly appreciate the badass-looking heaps of metal! Titanfall has several modes for the players as well as a number of maps which can be further diversified with the game’s three DLC packs containing new maps! Compare gamekeys for Titanfall here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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